Which kind of fabric is most suitable for yoga leggings?
December 30, 2022
When we design the yoga leggings yoga pants. The most headache problems is to choose the right fabric for the leggings. Now there are many fabrics for you to choose in the market.

1.Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is suitable for loose fitting yoga leggings. It is comfortable. But it is easy to pill off and deform. It is easy to wrinkle when wear it once or iron it for one time only.

2.Bamboo fabric

Bamboo is fiber fabric. That fabric is soft and really good. But it is a little expensive. Cause it is natural and environmental protection fabric. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials out there - fast growing, organic, and contributing to cleaner, greener air.
Bamboo clothing helps your wardrobe thrive without putting pressure on the planet. This fabric is not supportive. When you wear on it is easy to wrinkle same as the cotton fabric.
So we usually use this kind of fabric to do the tops. Tank top,t shirt.

3.Polyester fabric.

Polyester, like Ruyfan, is a swimsuit-like fabric. It's light, form-fitting,
and cool, but it doesn't wick sweat and sweat. When the weather is hot, it is easy to feel smelly.
When we do the sports leggings yoga leggings. We will not suggest clients to use the polyester fabric. Cause it can not meet the function for the sweat wicking.

4.Nylon fabric.

The nylon fabric is four way stretchy. Can high support with our pilling off or wrinkle when you wear on. Also sweat wicking when you doing exercises this fabric can easy to absorb sweat. Soft feeling and good function for exercise so now at the market almost 90% active wear brands use the nylon spandex fabric. The usually fabric composition is for 70% nylon 30% spandex fabric. Or 75% nylon 25% spandex or 80% nylon 20% spandex fabric and lycra fabric.
It has ultra-light properties and has the reputation of a second skin. At the same time, the rich, soft and fluffy feel is unique and irreplaceable. It not only absorbs moisture and perspiration, has good brushing properties, but also has a soft color.

The second is elastic fiber, which is matched with imported Lycra to improve the elasticity, hand feeling, drape and crease recovery ability of the fabric, and it is not easy to deform after long-term wear.

So when custom design we will suggest most of our clients to use the nylon spandex fabric. All of the hand feeling and colors can be customized when knitting the fabric.

5.Sustainable and recycled fabric

Now the sustainable and recycled fabric is the trendy fabric for the activewear and sports wear.
Most of the brands want to do more to protect our planets. So they are more and more recycled fabric come out.
We also have support many clients custom different recycled fabric. Also work with many high quality recycled fabric. Like REPREVE.Polartec.

Any fabric you like we can send the free fabric swatches for you to check.
If you are still confused on how to choose the right fabric for your leggings,
please free to contact us, we will give the right suggestion to you.

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