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December 21, 2022
Before talking about fabric swatches, let me talk about those things between me and my customers.
The protagonist of the story is a young fashion designer from Australia. In a few months, with the help of our company, she founded her own clothing brand.

She sent an inquiry to our company in March 2022.
At that time, we were not familiar with each other, and after we communicated slowly, we knew her needs, and she also knew what kind of services and products we could provide her.
Because she is a person with a plan, has a strong business acumen and has a strong market acumen, so that her brand development.
In the beginning, she was very happy to choose to work with us because our company's positioning is to help new brands launch.
In the cooperation, we are constantly running in and customizing new samples. 

Of course, we both give a lot to this partnership.

We will use our professional knowledge to tell this customer which style is suitable for which fabric, and what print is suitable for each fabric.
In this partnership, we will not think from the customer's perspective just to get the customer's order.
Although we are the supply side, we are actually involved in the client's brand.

From our communication, we know that the customer has cooperated with other suppliers before, but because the customer is picky about product details, many suppliers are unwilling to cooperate with the customer, and the customer is a start-up brand, many suppliers will dislike it. Nevertheless, our company does not discriminate and we treat our customers with sincerity.
Because of this, the customer ended up choosing us as the only supplier for all her products.

Through this client, what we want to say is that although we are doing transnational business, there is still trust between people.
If you are also a start-up brand, it doesn't matter, our factory has developed a lot of styles for start-up brands to choose from.
There are women's yoga sportswear, seamless, men's sweaters, men's short sleeves and other sportswear.

Of course, it is also possible for you to customize your own style. We will match you with suitable fabrics according to your design or your needs. It is no problem to send a cloth card to confirm the quality before customizing samples.

Second, while we serve brands, we also support start-up brands

Third, 24-hour online service, video and telephone communication

Want to know more about your local cooperative customers, please send us an inquiry.

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