• How to choose yoga clothes
    January 14, 2023
    How to choose yoga clothes
    There are too many yoga clothes on the market now, how to choose a comfortable and fit yoga clothes, I can give some suggestions 1. The fabric should be comfortable and breathable Because practicing yoga, the body will sweat a lot. If your yoga clothes are stuffy, that kind of feeling is wonderful. It is recommended not to choose pure cotton and cotton linen. Because cotton and linen are breathable but not shrinkable, this is not very suitable for yoga! It is recommended to choose "spandex "Fabric and Lycra, this kind of fabric generally has better air permeability and faster moisture absorption, so when choosing yoga clothes, you can look at their fabric composition and make a choice 2. The design should be close-fitting It is generally not recommended that you choose loose yoga clothes when practicing yoga, because loose clothes are really super inconvenient. As long as you have taken a class, you will know how uncomfortable this feeling is. While baggy yoga clothes are fine for lying down and backbends, think about what would happen if they were baggy for handstands and other gravity-defying poses Moreover, it is not recommended to choose loose yoga pants, it is best to choose the one with body shaping. Because professional yoga pants can more easily see the lines, state and direction of muscles. Professional yoga pants are designed in combination with the stretching of yoga itself. More to achieve the effect of training. If you wear pants that are too baggy, you won't be able to tell if your knees are hyperextended or if your calf muscles are in proper rotation. And this is very bad for you who practice 3. Clothing design should be simple Just choose a simple and elegant version of the clothes. Nowadays, in order to win purchases and attention, many merchants will add a lot of fancy things to the design of clothes, so that the clothes will look better! But I suggest not to choose this one, because when you practice yoga, you want to do it in a relaxed environment, without too many external factors to affect it. In case your clothes catch your waist or where, then you doing asana
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  • Which kind of fabric is most suitable for yoga leggings?
    December 30, 2022
    Which kind of fabric is most suitable for yoga leggings?
    When we design the yoga leggings yoga pants. The most headache problems is to choose the right fabric for the leggings. Now there are many fabrics for you to choose in the market. 1.Cotton fabric Cotton fabric is suitable for loose fitting yoga leggings. It is comfortable. But it is easy to pill off and deform. It is easy to wrinkle when wear it once or iron it for one time only. 2.Bamboo fabric Bamboo is fiber fabric. That fabric is soft and really good. But it is a little expensive. Cause it is natural and environmental protection fabric. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials out there - fast growing, organic, and contributing to cleaner, greener air. Bamboo clothing helps your wardrobe thrive without putting pressure on the planet. This fabric is not supportive. When you wear on it is easy to wrinkle same as the cotton fabric. So we usually use this kind of fabric to do the tops. Tank top,t shirt. 3.Polyester fabric. Polyester, like Ruyfan, is a swimsuit-like fabric. It's light, form-fitting, and cool, but it doesn't wick sweat and sweat. When the weather is hot, it is easy to feel smelly. When we do the sports leggings yoga leggings. We will not suggest clients to use the polyester fabric. Cause it can not meet the function for the sweat wicking. 4.Nylon fabric. The nylon fabric is four way stretchy. Can high support with our pilling off or wrinkle when you wear on. Also sweat wicking when you doing exercises this fabric can easy to absorb sweat. Soft feeling and good function for exercise so now at the market almost 90% active wear brands use the nylon spandex fabric. The usually fabric composition is for 70% nylon 30% spandex fabric. Or 75% nylon 25% spandex or 80% nylon 20% spandex fabric and lycra fabric. It has ultra-light properties and has the reputation of a second skin. At the same time, the rich, soft and fluffy feel is unique and irreplaceable. It not only absorbs moisture and perspiration, has good brushing properties, but also has a soft color. The second is elastic fiber, which is matched with imported Lycra to improve the elasticity, hand feeling, drape and crease recovery ability of the fabric, and it is not easy to deform after long-term wear. So when custom design we will suggest most of our clients to use the nylon spandex fabric. All of the hand feeling and colors can be customized when knitting the fabric. 5.Sustainable and recycled fabric Now the sustainable and recycled fabric is the trendy fabric for the activewear and sports wear. Most of the brands want to do more to protect our planets. So they are more and more recycled fabric come out. We also have support many clients custom different recycled fabric. Also work with many high quality recycled fabric. Like REPREVE.Polartec. Any fabric you like we can send the free fabric swatches for you to check. If you are still confused on how to choose the right fabric for your leggings, please free to contact us, we will give the right suggestion to you.
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  • Free fabric swatches
    December 21, 2022
    Free fabric swatches
    Before talking about fabric swatches, let me talk about those things between me and my customers. The protagonist of the story is a young fashion designer from Australia. In a few months, with the help of our company, she founded her own clothing brand. She sent an inquiry to our company in March 2022. At that time, we were not familiar with each other, and after we communicated slowly, we knew her needs, and she also knew what kind of services and products we could provide her. Because she is a person with a plan, has a strong business acumen and has a strong market acumen, so that her brand development. In the beginning, she was very happy to choose to work with us because our company's positioning is to help new brands launch. In the cooperation, we are constantly running in and customizing new samples.  Of course, we both give a lot to this partnership. We will use our professional knowledge to tell this customer which style is suitable for which fabric, and what print is suitable for each fabric. In this partnership, we will not think from the customer's perspective just to get the customer's order. Although we are the supply side, we are actually involved in the client's brand. From our communication, we know that the customer has cooperated with other suppliers before, but because the customer is picky about product details, many suppliers are unwilling to cooperate with the customer, and the customer is a start-up brand, many suppliers will dislike it. Nevertheless, our company does not discriminate and we treat our customers with sincerity. Because of this, the customer ended up choosing us as the only supplier for all her products. Through this client, what we want to say is that although we are doing transnational business, there is still trust between people. If you are also a start-up brand, it doesn't matter, our factory has developed a lot of styles for start-up brands to choose from. There are women's yoga sportswear, seamless, men's sweaters, men's short sleeves and other sportswear. Of course, it is also possible for you to customize your own style. We will match you with suitable fabrics according to your design or your needs. It is no problem to send a cloth card to confirm the quality before customizing samples. Second, while we serve brands, we also support start-up brands Third, 24-hour online service, video and telephone communication Want to know more about your local cooperative customers, please send us an inquiry.
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  • A Pair Of Versatile Yoga Pants
    December 14, 2022
    A Pair Of Versatile Yoga Pants
    Nowadays, all kinds of trousers are dazzling, and the design and style of trousers are constantly changing. The versatile and thin trousers meet the needs of most women and are what we have been pursuing. Today, I would like to recommend a pair of slim and versatile pants—yoga pants, which are tight-fitting and can better show the superiority of our figure. They belong to the type that looks good when they wear them. Next, let us appreciate the specific matching demonstration of yoga pants. 1. Coat + yoga pants 2. Suit + yoga pants 3. Sweater + yoga pants 4. Short top + yoga pants 1. Coat + yoga pants l Black coat + black yoga pants The large black woolen coat is paired with tight-fitting black yoga pants to form a tight upper and lower fit, which is capable and fashionable. In this collocation of the same color system, it presents a unified and coordinated visual sense, which is very comfortable and natural. In addition, the yoga pants weaken the loose and bloated feeling brought by the jacket, and at the same time show the slender and slender legs, which is a practical and fashionable item. l Camel coat + sweater + yoga pants In winter, if you feel that wearing a sweater and yoga pants alone is a bit flimsy, put on a classic camel woolen coat, which shows the aura of a big woman, very capable and chic. 2. Suit + yoga pants l Camel suit + black yoga pants In the formal and capable workplace style, we can also use the matching method of suits and yoga pants to present a sense of neatness. l Black suit + black yoga pants The tight matching of upper and lower panasonic is the secret of slimming in autumn and winter, so everyone must try more black yoga pants to make your suit look extraordinary. 3. Sweater + yoga pants l Light purple sweater + black yoga pants This light purple hooded sweater is a fresh girly style. It is simple and atmospheric to wear on the body. In order to make the outfit more layered, we can match it with a white bottoming shirt inside the sweater, so that a small amount can be exposed at the hem. Cut off the white base, this kind of combination of long inside and short outside is fashionable to reduce age, and with tight trousers on the upper and lower body, it is easy to look thinner and taller. l Black sweater + gray yoga pants The hooded sweater made of pure black velvet looks full of texture, and the lower body is paired with light gray yoga pants, which is casual and fashionable at the same time. If you don't want to dress too complicated in winter, just match it like this. l Black printed sweater + gray yoga pants Compared with dark black yoga pants, light gray yoga pants are more likely to expose leg shape problems, so it is recommended that girls should choose as much as possible. Yoga pants have a good effect on abdomen and buttocks. If you want to show your figure boldly Girls with a sense of superiority are worth trying. 4. Short top + yoga pants l Jump top + vest + gray yoga pants The high-waisted gray yoga pants,...
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  • Assist you in activewear product design for free
    December 09, 2022
    Assist you in activewear product design for free
    Now more and more start-up brands in the market are entering the yoga sportswear and active wear industry. Most start-up brands do not have their own activewear product designs. They just have a prototype of the product. At this time, we will assist customers in yoga leggings, sports bra, long sleeve, hoodies and so on sportswear product designs for free. You only need to describe your idea to us, and we will assist you in designing, or you can search for the leggings style or sports bra activewear you want from the Internet. Send us the pictures directly, and we will recommend suitable fabrics according to your style, unless you have any special requirements. So how do we realize the design for you? First, modify the picture according to your ideas through the picture you sent, and we will provide a preliminary MOCK-UP for you to confirm the effect picture. Second, if you don't find the style you like online, you can choose the style you want from the existing styles in our catalog for modification. There are a number of styles for you choose from, such as high support yoga leggings, fitness sports bra, comfortable sports jackets, and 4 way stretch seamless leggings and so on. Third, you will definitely request to print your brand logo on the product. At this time, we will give you reasonable suggestions on logo material and size according to the product style and product fabric. This is very helpful for you as a start-up brand. Finally, enter the sample link, we will arrange international express to send samples to you. When it comes to the bulk goods stage, as long as you meet the tax including conditions, you don't have to worry about dealing with import taxes yourself. So work with Sansan Sports you will be easy to develop your clothing business.> If you have new ideas but do not have your own designer, please contact us in time to help you realize your dream.
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  • Providing for you brand business-Assisted over 3000 brands
    November 24, 2022
    Providing for you brand business-Assisted over 3000 brands
    We have been asked by many customers if we have cooperated with big brands. In fact, from the perspective of business thinking, this is the company's confidential information. No brand will directly tell you who to cooperate with. Although we can't directly tell you who the brands we cooperate with are, we can boldly tell you that our main customers are in the United States, Britain, Australia, France and other European countries. From the establishment of our company to now, we have served more than 3,000 brand owners. We provide services from the embryonic stage of their business to the maturity of their brand. There are many customers who did not have their own product designs at the beginning. At this time, our professional designers will give them design references or directly help customers with product design based on their ideas. In this process, we call custom design. After the product design is completed, we will match the fabric of the product based on experience and feedback from consumers in the market. This process we call customizing different styles of fabrics. After the product design is ready and the fabrics are matched, we will help the customer choose a logo workmanship suitable for his product, and we can customize any logo process that the customer wants. With the logo on the product, it means that this is the birth of your brand. At this time, you will definitely say that this is not a product that can fully express your brand. It needs to add accessories such as hang tags, care label, trademarks, and brand packaging bags to be a perfect product. So, if you haven't thought about this aspect, our professional salesman will give you some advice. The fabrics, logos, tags and bags mentioned above are called customized services. Of course, our custom service MOQ is very flexible. Want to customize your brand products, please feel free to send us an inquiry.
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