• The impact of exchange rate on import and export trade
    September 19, 2022
    The impact of exchange rate on import and export trade
    Economic common sense tells us that the appreciation of domestic currency means the depreciation of other countries' currencies. In export trade, the importing country of the same goods needs to take out more domestic currency, so the importing country may turn to other countries' commodities, which is not conducive to its own export. The depreciation of the domestic currency means that the currency of the other country appreciates, and the import of the same goods requires more domestic currency, which is not conducive to the export of the other country. 1. Changes in exchange rates cause changes in income, thus affecting import and export trade. The most direct manifestation of exchange rate change is the appreciation or depreciation of domestic currency. Currency appreciation will cause the price of imported goods to fall, while the price of export goods to rise, although not conducive to export, but can improve the balance of payments, currency depreciation can achieve the opposite effect. However, in fact, the impact of currency depreciation on income mainly comes from two aspects: currency depreciation will cause the price of imported goods to rise, the price of export goods to fall, thus worsening the terms of trade. At the same time, with the same nominal income level, consumers can only buy less goods, which leads to a decrease in real income, which inevitably leads to a decrease in the country's expenditure, thus improving the trade balance. In addition, if there are underutilized resources in the country, devaluation can stimulate domestic and foreign residents' demand for the product. According to the principle of Keynesian economics, people's economic expenditure will increase national income several times through the Keynesian multiplier, and the increase of national income will increase domestic expenditure, thus achieving a virtuous circle. According to the principle of the red price, people's economic spending will increase national income several times through the Keynesian multiplier, and the increase of national income will increase domestic spending, achieving a virtuous circle. 2. Exchange rate fluctuations cause price pass-through, thus affecting import and export trade. As mentioned above, the most direct manifestation of exchange rate change is the rise or fall in the relative price of currency, which is first reflected in import and export trade. However, in today's financial globalization, price changes in the international market will eventually affect the general price in the domestic market. Therefore, the change of exchange rate will cause the general domestic price level, thus affecting the trade volume of importers and exporters and the country's trade balance, which can be reflected in the following two aspects: First, currency appreciation is a fall in the price of imported goods expressed in the local currency, such as raw materials or semi-finished goods, which is then passed through the price, affecting the f...
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  • Support start up brands grow manufacturer with low MOQ
    September 01, 2022
    Support start up brands grow manufacturer with low MOQ
    Product and service positioning of Sansan Sports. We are a professional manufacturer of sportswear & activewear for men and women, our main products are yoga wear, women and men’s activewear, seamless wear and lounge wear. In order to support our customers, we have 2 factories to produce related products to ensure delivery time. We provide customized services for new brands, small and medium brands and high-end sportswear & activewear brands. Our customers are mainly distributed in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and other European countries. If you want to know more cooperative customers, please contact our sales team, they will definitely give you professional product knowledge and high-quality service. Sansan Sports has always put customer service first. If you are planning to create your own clothing brand, and you don't have your own team, you don't have your own designer to design garments. Don't worry, at Sansan Sports and we'll help you with the design. Our company has 8 designers who assist start up brands to design styles. Our customized MOQ is 100 pieces per color, which is already the lowest among the peers, and you can definitely accept the quantity. At the beginning stage, if you think 100 pieces in one color is too much for your brand, it doesn't matter, our factory has also developed a lot of styles for start up brands to choose from. The existing styles are some popular styles on the market. We will send you the relevant catalogue to choose the existing styles, the MOQ is 30 pieces each mixed color, and you can also print your logo on it.  The above two services are our support for new brands. Another question that our customers often ask is whether we can send free samples. For this, we believe that free stuff is not your end goal. It's like, for example, under what circumstances would you give clothes to your customers for free. Of course, once the customer's order volume reaches 500 pieces at a time, we will refund the ready design sample fee for the customers. If customers place order over 3000 pieces at a time, we will refund the custom sample fee for customers. Sure, all supporting is depending on customer's situation. Sending samples to customers is just an action to confirm the quality, our ultimate goal is to have a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with you. So whatever you are start up or famous activewear brands, welcome to send inquiry to Sansan Sports for more information about our activewear & sportsweaer products and services.
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  • Try seamless bonding technology in activewear and you will find out the benefits of them
    August 19, 2022
    Try seamless bonding technology in activewear and you will find out the benefits of them
    What is seamless bonding technology leggings? Seamless bonding technology leggings is a special type of activewear, which is made by the special technology of adhesive without visible stitches, such as on waistband, one leg opening, on the outside. Not only does this type of seamless adhesive leggings prevent lines from being seen, but it's also gentler on the skin, as it's usually made of spandex or cotton. Benefits of seamless bonding technology leggings As we all know Seamless underwear has become increasingly popular in recent years. Now seamless bonding adhesive can use into women active wear leggings. The seamless bonding leggings is largely free of lumpy seams, which are one of the main factors in favor of traditional activewear. Try seamless bonding leggings and you will always have a different comfort experience. Better comfort Relaxation is one of the most effective ways to boost self-esteem. A significant benefit of adhesive pants is that they provide great comfort. These leggings are very good, and so are the materials. No matter what body type you are, these adhesive pants are perfect for you. You may benefit from the added comfort and superior fit, allowing you to boldly go every time.  Another favorite feature is the incredible elasticity of underwear. With this feature, the pants are attached to the body like another layer of skin. With this adhesive trackless pant, the waist won't curl when you're exercising. Affordable and high quality While seamless bonding leggings feature more advanced technology, most are more affordable. While they prioritize comfort, the current economy is forcing many women to look for more affordable alternatives, and that's evident even with their activewear.  Suitable for fitness In terms of activewear, seamless styles are more comfortable when moving. They are not tight but fit the body well.  Innovative Seamless Adhesive Technology Henkel’s innovative seamless adhesive dispensing technology is revolutionary for the fashion industry. This newly developed technology can be used in the production of underwear, sportswear, outdoor apparel, and more, guaranteeing consumers a high-level of comfort without compromising on style. The adhesive of our products is from the famous glue manufacturer Henkel, non-toxic, colorless, environmentally friendly, in line with the international testing standards.  At present, there is a large market for this seamless bonding adhesive technology in activewear.  If you have seen this news, please contact us as soon as possible.
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  • The issue you focus on: Delivery Time
    August 10, 2022
    The issue you focus on: Delivery Time
    As a sportswear & activewear manufacturer, the most frequently asked questions by our customers are quality and delivery.  So in this issue, let's talk about our delivery date. We have been providing services in 2 different directions for different customers. One is to provide ready design item services for new brands that have just been established and new brands that have been in operation for less than 1 year. The premise is that they do not have their own designs in the founding stage but want to enter the active wear industry. So we will provide existing styles (ready to ship item) to them. The so-called existing styles are understood in this way: our factory has its own product research and development department, which regularly monitors market trends every month, and then develops products suitable for the market and hot-selling, thus forming what we call ready design item service. We stock thousands of styles for new brand customers to choose from. From customers asking us for product consultation, we understand each other's needs, solve them, provide electronic catalogs for customers to choose products, and start to calculate the ready design items delivery time after customers pay. For ready design item delivery time here is usually divided into two situations: The first case is that customers do not need to print their logo on our products, then our delivery time is 5 days after payment to arrange international express to customers. It takes 3-5 days to ship by international express, and the goods can be received in 3 days if it is fast. It takes about 10 days in total from the customer's payment to the receipt of the goods.  Seeing this, some people can't help but wonder, since the logo is not printed, why should it be shipped within 5 days? Because our factory has a spot system, when our salesman negotiates the order with the customer, he will arrange the order to our spot warehouse. Out of stock complete. This is the lead time for samples, and the lead time for bulk shipments is usually 10-15 days. In the second case, the customer prints the logo on the basis of our stock item. Because we don't have the client's logo in hand, we have to help the client customize the logo. It takes 5-7 days to customize the logo, so the sample delivery time is 7 days, and the time to arrange international express at the back end is the same as the first case. Large delivery time is usually 10-15 days can be shipped. The above two situations are based on the delivery time that the customer chooses the ready design item, and it is also the understanding of the ready design item service. Then the second service is to provide fully customized style service for established brands. The customization process is as follows: First, let's talk about custom sample delivery.  The customer sends us the finished tech pack, and we recommend suitable fabrics, accessories, workmanship, etc. according to the customer's technical package. The custom...
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  • What we can do together under the COVID-19 Pandemic?
    August 05, 2022
    What we can do together under the COVID-19 Pandemic?
    Let's talk about the impact of the pandemic on the active wear clothing industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a worldwide lockdown and has produced widespread and undisputed changes from March 2020. Two years later, the results of the pandemic are in every sector of every industry. This article analyzes the impact of the pandemic on the global fashion industry and offers advice to businesses on how best to do their jobs.   By understanding the impact of the pandemic, businesses can draw meaningful conclusions about how to progress effectively. Predict what will happen in the future and how to successfully navigate those years after an international pandemic. The results include updating traditional business models, streamlining operations and enhancing customer propositions. Business models that have been successful for a long time will need to be reconfigured to adapt to an increasingly digital society.   The current impact on the sportswear & active wear industry COVID-19 is the most significant modern challenge facing the textile and apparel industry and is seen as the "greatest reset in fashion", as government regulations are implemented, people's desires and needs are starting to change, and in-person shopping is the first A group of people affected. Consumers are also starting to feel the burden of layoffs and parenting as the economy wanes. These burdens diminish people's desire to buy luxury new clothes. Of course, casual clothes replaced work clothes.   Home knitting, sewing and embroidery have also increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are making masks from scrap fabrics at home, while others have turned it into a makeshift small business. Changes in clothing during the Great Depression rivaled those in the early months of the pandemic, when a minimalist aesthetic was seen as appealing. Neutral colors, simple silhouettes and basic pieces are preferred, providing a sense of calm a midst the chaos. COVID-19 has made people rethink how they spend their money, with many opting out of the fast-fashion culture in which they live.   Like the rise of casual wear, sportswear is at the forefront of Covid-19 fashion, specifically active wear. Active wear is defined as "comfortable casual clothing that is suitable for both sport and everyday wear". Consumer behavior has been unpredictable over the past two years, and there is now a need for multipurpose apparel that can follow consumers from one activity to another. These multi-season, versatile clothes are not just for fitness, they have been embraced for many occasions. Diversity and inclusion have become important to consumers, who use social media to express their opinions and appeal to brands, and to this end, our company is also committed to developing products that combine sports and fashion.   Because of the epidemic, people were restricted from moving in places, which invigorated e-commerce. The e-commerce space is constantly innov...
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  • Quality is our promise
    July 28, 2022
    Quality is our promise
    Sansansun Sports is a manufacturer specializing in a wide range of sportswear/activewear for high-end brand clients. The fact that a brand can stand still in the industry is definitely the result of quality. Then please look down, how we guarantee the quality of our products to our customers. Let's start with the factors that affect quality. 1. Fabric selection. In the production of a piece of clothing, the most important thing is the choice of fabric quality. There are various fabrics on the market, with low color fastness and high color fastness. When we receive the customer's technical package, we use our professional knowledge and rich product experience to select the suitable fabric for the customer's design. 2. Product sewing process. In the previous step, you have selected the right fabric. If the sewing process does not match the product design, the resulting product will not be high-end, and there will be no grade at all. It's also part of quality. Therefore, as producers, we must be familiar with the sewing process of each category. When encountering unprofessional customers, we can give customers the correct guidance. 3. Logo printing. There are several techniques for making logos, such as silk screen printing, embroidery, hot stamping, silicone printing, heat transfer, direct injection and so on. When making a logo on a product, consider the category, fabric, logo position, and whether the logo size is suitable for the current product. If a product is of poor quality because of its logo, it will affect its overall effect. 4. Product size. Many customers who are just starting out in the clothing business often have no concept of the size of the product. However, size is the soul of a product. Only when the size is reasonable can it be considered a qualified product. The above are the main factors that affect the quality. In order to control the activewewar ,loose fit yoga pants quality, we do this. When selecting fabrics, we have a special quality inspection department to check the quality of fabrics, such as fabric color fastness, gram weight, elasticity and hand feel. At the same time, before producing the customer's design, we will send the matched fabric to the customer to confirm the fabric brand to ensure that this is the fabric the customer wants. We will not start production until the customer confirms the quality of the fabric. When it comes to production, our professional production workers will match the appropriate sewing thread to the product according to the drawings provided by our pattern maker. As shown in the figure, we often use four-needle six-thread, single-needle, double-needle, three-needle five-thread and other crafts for the sewing process of yoga clothes as well as women’s long athletic shorts. The side seams and crotch of athletic leggings are commonly used with four needles and six threads. Thicker garments will not produce bumps. The lines of the clothes are beautiful and smooth, the wearing feels more comf...
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