The trees are wearing new clothes,why you don't take me home?
November 04, 2022

The annual Christmas is approaching, and many customers have purchased large quantities of goods from us as early as September and October.

There are yoga clothes, sportswear, active wear, sweater pants and other products.

Why do they plan ahead? Because if you place an order from November, the time is already very tight.

So sensible customers choose to plan all this in advance.

Of course, placing an order before November 15th can also catch up with the Christmas sales plan.

For this Christmas, our company is holding some promotions, please see below:

1. The top 10 customers who place an order before the 15th will get a 5% discount on order and a free new product to test your market;

2. The top 20 customers who place an order before the 20th will receive our new product gift discount.

When you are hesitating, the spot has already been taken, so please take the time to contact our team.

In addition to the discount when placing an order in November, another important reason is the transportation cost.

At present, the transportation cost in November will be more and more expensive, and the closer to December, the more expensive, and at the end of November, there will be a lot of cargo piled up at the terminal and cannot move, causing a port congestion.

By the end of November, even if you have money, there may not be a position for you.

Based on the above external factors that may lead to the delay of the goods, we can avoid it in advance.

It is urgent, if you want to consult more product knowledge, please send us an inquiry.

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Get Latest Custom Styles
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