The issue you focus on: Delivery Time
August 10, 2022

As a sportswear & activewear manufacturer, the most frequently asked questions by our customers are quality and delivery. 
So in this issue, let's talk about our delivery date.

We have been providing services in 2 different directions for different customers.
One is to provide ready design item services for new brands that have just been established and new brands that have been in operation for less than 1 year. The premise is that they do not have their own designs in the founding stage but want to enter the active wear industry. So we will provide existing styles (ready to ship item) to them.
The so-called existing styles are understood in this way: our factory has its own product research and development department, which regularly monitors market trends every month, and then develops products suitable for the market and hot-selling, thus forming what we call ready design item service. We stock thousands of styles for new brand customers to choose from.

From customers asking us for product consultation, we understand each other's needs, solve them, provide electronic catalogs for customers to choose products, and start to calculate the ready design items delivery time after customers pay.

For ready design item delivery time here is usually divided into two situations:
The first case is that customers do not need to print their logo on our products, then our delivery time is 5 days after payment to arrange international express to customers. It takes 3-5 days to ship by international express, and the goods can be received in 3 days if it is fast. It takes about 10 days in total from the customer's payment to the receipt of the goods. 
Seeing this, some people can't help but wonder, since the logo is not printed, why should it be shipped within 5 days? Because our factory has a spot system, when our salesman negotiates the order with the customer, he will arrange the order to our spot warehouse. Out of stock complete. This is the lead time for samples, and the lead time for bulk shipments is usually 10-15 days.

In the second case, the customer prints the logo on the basis of our stock item. Because we don't have the client's logo in hand, we have to help the client customize the logo. It takes 5-7 days to customize the logo, so the sample delivery time is 7 days, and the time to arrange international express at the back end is the same as the first case. Large delivery time is usually 10-15 days can be shipped.
The above two situations are based on the delivery time that the customer chooses the ready design item, and it is also the understanding of the ready design item service.

Then the second service is to provide fully customized style service for established brands.
The customization process is as follows:
First, let's talk about custom sample delivery. 
The customer sends us the finished tech pack, and we recommend suitable fabrics, accessories, workmanship, etc. according to the customer's technical package. The customer arranges payment after confirming all the details, we will immediately arrange the customized order to the workshop, and the workshop also arranges the production according to the order of the order, so the customized sample can be completed in 10-15 days, and the international express will be arranged after the sample is completed. 
It also takes 3-5 days to reach the customer. The time it takes to make a custom sample is about 20 days.

After the customer receives the sample and passes the sample, we will start mass production. The production time of bulk goods is 30-35 days, and the transportation time of bulk goods depends on the transportation method selected by the customer.

Some customers who are in a hurry to buy goods will choose air delivery, which is about 10 days; some customers will choose by sea delivery, which is about 25-35 days.
If you want to make a custom design, then please plan your time well in advance.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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Get Latest Custom Styles
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