The Dreamiest Waffle-knit Fabric
November 25, 2021

Life during a popular world has taught us many things:

One being that we can never have too many comfy clothes.

But make no mistake, not all activewear is created equal. There is one fabric pattern that reigns supreme (and it is currently trending) for keeping us cozy yet unencumbered no matter the season: waffle knit fabric!

Whether lounging on the couch with a hot cup of chai ir gossip with people, doing so from the cuddly confines of a waffle-knit is one satisfying wardrobe decision. Not only is the fabric (often made from organic cotton materials) light-yet-swaddle, but it can also be layered in transitional weather and easily dressed up or down.

It is suitable for thin hoodies, sweatshirt, joggers pants, sweatpans of men and women's wear.

ALO, a sportswear company known to us, has released clothes made from waffle-knit.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are going to use this waffle-knit fabric to customize your own designs just send us with your tech pack.

We love to offer you help!

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Get Latest Custom Styles
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