Sustainability is already an eternal topic
December 30, 2021
What is a recyclable fabric?
Due to the recent trend of excessive consumption and waste generation in global fashion culture, textile recycling has become a key focus of global sustainable development efforts. Globalization has led to a "fast fashion" trend, and many consumers believe that clothes are disposable. Because their prices are getting lower and lower. The development of recycling technology has enabled the textile industry to produce a large number of products that consume natural resources. Textile recycling technology has been developed.

Recyclable fabrics are recycled fabrics designed using recycled wool, cotton and synthetic fibers are becoming a growing movement. For example, recycled polyester—made with half the energy and save plastic from landfills. Every fabric can be recycled; commonly used fabrics for recycling include cotton and polyester.

How RPET fabric is made and collected:
1) Plastic bottle collection: mainly from the ocean
2) Packing of plastic bottles: crush them into boxes for easy transportation
3) Near infrared (infrared sorting): Through the sorter, anything that is not plastic is taken out, because anything that slips through the net by mistake will affect the quality of the final product.
4) Color classification: classify plastic bottles according to color. If colored PET bottles and clean bottles are left together, the final color of the fabric will be affected.

The benefits of using environmentally friendly fabrics:

By reusing existing fibers and textiles, it reduces the need for newly manufactured fibers. This saves water, energy, dyes and chemicals, thereby reducing pollution.

Our factory has developed many recycled/sustainable fabrics for you to choose from.

There are recycled polyester, recylced nylon to make yoga wear and fitness wear.

Recycled woven fabric to make sports jogger and shorts as well as sports jackets.

If you have any items need to make with recycled fabric/sustainable fabric just send us with your artwork, we are able to produce for you.

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