New Trends You Must Know
April 27, 2022

Times are advancing, technology is advancing, and our garment factory has been committed to researching and developing fabrics that are comfortable and fashionable for people to wear.

We recently developed a finely ribbed fabric. One of the fabrics you absolutely cannot miss.

Three giants in the sportswear industry have launched ribbed fabric products. Maybe you already know them as LULUMEMON, ALO and BT.

If you are also planning to add ribbed products to your website recently, please feel free to contact us.
Our ribbed fabrics come in a variety of colors, as long as you send us your technical package, we can send you the corresponding color card to choose the color for you.

Our fine rib fabric is 82% nylon 18% spandex, 230gsm, suitable for medium strength, comprehensive fitness production. Comfortable and breathable, high elastic and silky, stretch freely.
Suitable for customized yoga pants, yoga shorts, yoga bras, vests, short sleeves and other medium and high-intensity fitness clothes.

Act now, and make this summer full of life.

Get Latest Custom Styles

Get Latest Custom Styles
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