New Arrival-Printed Seamless Item
March 19, 2022

Seamless garments are created in a single and continuous knitting process that eliminates side seams. This gives more comfortable and better-looking clothes lead to the production of seamless garments. 

There are some problems in seams. Seams tend to pucker up. Seamless garments are more advantage, which is the garment do not have to be cut and sewn. 

The seamless machines produce individual garments. There are more than 10 different operations involve in producing a basic garment with seams, but for seamless garments the process involves only one or two operations. At present 8-10 percent of Lingerie products made by seamless methods. Seamless method is improving day to day, its take 25 to 35 % less time to make than cut-and-sew methods. 

In this method complete garment based on computer programming, that allow different stitching patterns.  Like our new print seamless.

As long as you provide us with your printing files, we can make the seamless printing products you want through the computer.
Of course, there is a MOQ requirement for custom seamless products, 600 pieces per color, 3 sizes.

If you can't accept this MOQ temporarily, you can buy our own developed products. Its MOQ is low. For more details, please consult the corresponding salesperson.

Most of the seamless products in the past were solid colors. Now, with the advancement of production technology, a variety of printed seamless products have appeared. 

If you have needs in this area recently, please contact us, you will get unexpected surprises.

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Get Latest Custom Styles
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